How To Install Chrome Extension

  • Click here to download "Buy For Less" Chrome extension

How To Register ‘Buy For Less’ Account

  • Go to registration page
  • Fill in the form and press "Register". After that you need to confirm your account by following the link we'll send you by email.
  • After you successfully registered you can login to your account and start using our Chrome Extension.

How To Purchase Using BFL Extension

  • You should be logged in to BFL account
  • Navigate to https://www.amazon.com/
  • Find the product you want to purchase (change any options you want like Size or Color)
  • Click "Add to Cart" as usual and you will see a confirmation popup from BFL extension.
    Note: in order to ensure the product has been added to your BFL cart click the extension icon
  • When you finish adding all your desired items into your BFL cart click BFL extension icon and then click "Buy with Cashback" button. An Amazon cart will be created.
  • Now proceed to Checkout as for regular purchase
  • That’s it! You can track status of your purchase on your profile page